Reg Tuneup improves your PC’s performance by deleting bad registry entries. It’s easy to remove such entries and your system is safe with this software.

System Scan

Reg Tuneup scours through your system for improper registry entries. Such entries are also responsible for sluggish behavior of your system and crashes on it. All these are taken care of by and fixed by Reg Tuneup. It detects such conflicting entries and repairs them in no time.

Scan Registry Errors
Backup Windows Registry

Registry Backup and Undo Functionality

This tool ensures safety while cleaning out registry errors. Before it deletes any entry, it creates a backup of it. If anything goes wrong with your system after removing them, you can quickly restore the previous entries back.

Scheduler for Automatic Scans

Reg Tuneup comes with an in-built scheduler for automatic scanning. You can set schedule for scans on your system, thereby ensuring there is no requirement for manual scanning. These scans are accurate and error free.

Registry Cleaner Software
Scan Registry Errors

Easy to use Interface

It’s an easy to understand and user-friendly tool. Its intuitive and comprehensive interface won’t require you to have any computer skill to use it. Simply launch the tool and use it to clean registry errors on your system.